Ep: 01 Welcome to Kreative Kings

Welcome to Kreative Kings, the animated show that turns your passions into your profit. New Episodes are posted bi-weekly on Wednesday @ 10AM CST !

My name is Kellen Zanders M.SE and I am the founder of Kzmaster Entertainment LLC 2020 and creator of the Kreative Kings podcast. (You can find more details about me over on https://www.kzmaster.club/?page_id=8 ) I created “Kreative Kings” as a comedic and educational show made specifically for creators/performers/entertainers who either want to do what they love as a career, want to build more of a following/platform, want to earn more money with their work, who want to learn from aspiring or established creators, or who want to get the Art School experience without actually having to be in Art School.

This episode is all about the introduction of the podcast, myself, and the very first lesson in developing a platform.

This week I’m running a special deal for all newcomers to show. If you’re a Creator or Creative (that’s art, writing, film/video, photography, dance, etc.,) and want to join a support group of other creators to share work, network, and obtain resources to build your platforms, come to my Kreator’s Klub Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/XrHPTCFc , the first 40 people get to join free!

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