Greetings and thank you for visiting the Kreative Kings Podcast website! My name is Kellen Zanders M.SE and I am the founder of Kzmaster Entertainment LLC 2020 and creator of the Kreative Kings podcast. (You can find more details about me over on https://www.kzmaster.club/?page_id=8 )

I created “Kreative Kings” as a comedic and educational show made specifically for creators/performers/entertainers who either want to do what they love as a career, want to build more of a following/platform, want to earn more money with their work, who want to learn from aspiring or established creators, or who want to get the Art School experience without actually having to be in Art School.

Multi-Millionaire Investor Robert Kiyosaki states in his Best-Selling Novel “Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant” that many talented and/or skilled people are just one skill short of making a bunch of money and, having gone through Art College and Graduate School myself, I can confirm that the critical fundamentals of building a career off of a passion is simply not taught to the vast majority; they’re not taught about financial literacy and asset development, they’re not taught about credit, how to obtain financing, how to build a distribution list, how to network and work social media, how to research analytics to create strategies, how to time manage, how to be professional, how to produce quality work efficiently, and this is just scratching the surface, Yikes!

Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels

Under the tagline, “Turning Your Passions to Your Profit“, my show aims to educate creatives on the fundamentals of being successful with their passions (or, at least, become people who can build a following) by breaking down the categories to their most basic step-by-step forms and presenting them in a comedic and engaging way. The last thing I want is for viewers to feel like they’re in school again (school is boooooooring) so my top priority is “Edutainment”; education and entertainment combined.

My mission is to supplement the critical information largely not taught in schools so that people can more successfully pursue their passions and not be stuck in a cycle of working harder than they need to, failing, burning out, and quitting.

About King the Kreator

King The Kreator serves as the Mascot to Kzmaster Entertainment LLC 2020 and the host of the “Kreative Kings” animated podcast. An alpha leader who puts the needs of the group above self-interest, King embodies honor, integrity, professionalism, and follows a code that anyone passionate enough to learn is worth teaching.

I created King to be the face of the company because my goal with the business is to help others. I don’t need or want my face plastered on ads and billboards all over towns and TV, nor do I need my name in shining lights. My goal is to build others up and put them in positions to be successful to achieve their dreams, not put my own self-interest above others. I want my work to be able to live on with or without me and part of that is having an avatar that will outlive me so long as the idea that others deserve to accomplish their dreams remains alive.

More on how King was created can be found here (https://www.kzmaster.club/?p=103 )